On This Day…

On this day, 21st April, 1509; Henry VII died following a long illness. He siezed the crown following the Battle of Bosworth in August, 1485, and his turbulent reign had lasted for just under twenty-five years. He was succeeded by his second son, King Henry VIII, and his reign (to put it mildly), was a rather eventful one, during which the Tudor’s really stamped their mark on English history.

Henry VII was interred alongside his wife, Elizabeth of York, in his own Lady Chapel, at Westminster Abbey. Their tomb is topped with a magnificent bronze effigy that still stands to this day. Well worth a visit!


Henry VII and Elizabeth of York: Tomb effigy.


2 thoughts on “On This Day…

  1. Anerje says:

    It’s a fantastic tomb, but difficult to view it’s full splendour.

  2. bluffkinghal says:

    The King is dead, long live the King!

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