Pro-Henry = Anti-Richard?

Not necessarily; not in my books. In fact, I am currently reading and rather enjoying Paul Murray Kendall’s biography of Richard III. Anyway, I digress. This blog seems to have come to the attention of the Richard III Society Yahoo discussion group, and I am somewhat pre-empting this strike. This blog is neither anti-Richard, nor is it anti-Richard III Society. The Richard III Society is a gargantuan organisation, and not something I am inclined to tackle in one small blog, much less get into a slanging match with.

This blog really is set up simply to take a look at the life and reign of Henry VII. It is not meant to bash any of Henry VII’s predecessors, or demonise them in any way, shape, or form. Not even Richard III, who I rather like as it happens. But, seeing as there are already a multitude of blogs about Richard III, as well as the goliath of the Richard III Society, I was rather keen to create a blog about Henry VII just to give him a fair hearing, too. Everyone deserves that.