Fangs At Ten Paces.

Ever wondered what would have happened if Henry VII had made a pact with druids to turn himself into a Vampire so he could defeat Richard III through fang power? Me neither, but you can read all about it in this, er, interesting looking hist fic novel about him.

But in all seriousness, I was looking around for some fictional portrayals of Henry VII in literature, and there really doesn’t seem to be much out there. Although, I have heard good things about Roberta Gellis’ “The Dragon and the Rose”.  The cover, however, was enough to put me right off. A bit “Mills and Boon” looking.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has seen any more fictional protrayals of King Henry VII? I’d be interested in seeing how is commonly portrayed by novellists. Whether he tends to be demonised, or whether there are some who look past the immediate facts and see something more in him. I ask for fictional portrayals as they tend to be able to go to the places that biographers cannot. Of course, this should always be treated as fiction, but all the same, I think it can be an enlightening read.