Towton Remembered

Forgive my posting this a day late, but yesterday saw the anniversary of the Battle of Towton. On 29th March (Palm Sunday), 1461. Following a blood bath composed of the deaths of thousands, the Yorkists won a decisive victory over the Lancastrians, led by Queen Margaret (who naturally was not actually at the battle itself). The Queen, King and their young son, Edward, fled to Scotland.

For more information on the Battle of Towton, visit UK Battlefields Resource Centre


The Great Escape of Henry Tudor!

Hello, and welcome to the new followers of “The Henry Tudor Experience”. First of all, I would like to apologise for the long absence. But this blog has been on something of a hiatus over the last few months, and it’s sister blog (The Thomas Cromwell Experience) has been hogging all my time! But, I thought I would break my silence after engaging in a furious debate with some staunch Ricardians, and then stumbling across an interesting little Henry related snippet in the news.

We all know that Henry was forced to flee his homeland following the Battle of Tewkesbury (4th May, 1471). With the Yorkists in hot persuit of him, he had to be hidden away to wait for a safe passage to France (where he would remain until 1485). Well, this is a small slide show of some pictures of the tunnels deep below the streets of Tenby, where Henry was said to have hidden from his would-be captors. (Link below).

Henry’s Hide Away